Brent's T.V.

Brent's T.V. were John Denery, Virgil Shaw, Christopher Imlay, Brian Keeney and Jon Quittner. They were a sort-of-punk band in the late 1980's on Lookout Records.


Brent's T.V. was formed by John Denery, Chris Imlay & Virgil Shaw in 1988. Joined by Brian Keeney and Jon Quittner, they sounded like a pop punk Everly Brothers. The band set forth on a tour of laundromats and released a 7 song EP, "Lumberjack Days" on Lookout Records in 1990, and split soon after. In 1995 Lookout released a compilation of Sweet Baby & Brent's T.V. songs called "Hello Again." They reunited in January 2017 to play a benefit for the 924 Gilman Street Project.




Live at the I Street House

Recorded live on April 5th, 1990 at the so called "I Street house" (887 11th street) in Arcata, California. You may occasionally hear some friends in the background, forgotten lyrics, and incorrect chords.

Recorded live onto three 8-track reels by by Carl Keil, who preferred to be known as "Bongo."


Hello Again, Lumberjack

The full set of songs recorded in May of 1990 at Sound and Vision in San Francisco by Kevin Army for Lookout! Records, which appeared on the "Lumberjack Days 7" (Lookout 36), the Can of Pork compilation (Lookout 44), and the "Hello Again" split CD (Lookout 102) a few extras never heard before!

Limited batch of Brent's T.V. "Kid" shirts from the Gilman "Lookouting" anniversary