The Hi-Fives images


August 11-16 1997 the Hi-Fives went to Japan for the first time thanks to The Mr T Experience (w/ John, Chris, Steve & Gary). I don’t have any photos of us playing, but I do have some of us goofing off, MTX playing, Chris Appelgren drawing on dinner plates, and some nice folks that we met...

July 19, 1997 at the Lizard and Snake Cafe, Chapel Hill, SC (w/John, Chris, Steve & Gary)

(photographs by Daniel Hilton)

Playing a birthday party at the Bottom of the Hill, February 15, 1997 (w/John, Chris, Steve & Gary)

Unknown date, location (w/John, Chris, Gary & ???)

(photographs by S. Goldish)

July 6, 1996, The Rat, Boston (photos by ???)

May 18, 1996, Club Cocodrie, San Francisco (w/John, Chris, Jess & Danny)

(photos by Joel)

Unknown date, Chanel 7 studio, SF (w/ John, Chris, Jess & Danny). We played a late slot in a local TV telethon (official photo they gave in in black and white), but we seised the opportunity to use our suits in the newsroom.


Unknown date, unknown location (w/ John, Chris, Jess & Evan). Not really sure why these are mostly of Chris, but it might be that he was using his tie as a mic “stand.” (Yet another reason for bands to wear ties)

Unknown date, Slims in San Francisco (w/ John, Chris Jess, & Evan)

Unknown date, at the Univibe Guitar store opening, (w/John, Chris, Jess & Evan)

This has a lot going for it: Chris’s face, John’s sweat pants, an autographed “Sven-Erik Geddes” photo on Evan’s drum, and cool Jesse pose.

Unknown date, location (w/John, Chris, Jess & Evan)

Unknown date, location (w/John, Chris, Jess & Evan)

7/22/1995, unknown location (w/John, Chris, Jess & Evan)

In a very brief space between the Ne'er-Do-Wells and the Hi-Fives, we were half-heartedly calling ourselves The Narvell Felts... (w/John, Chris, Jess & Julie)



Here's a sketch by the fantastic Stephan Britt for the "...and a Whole Lotta You" album. (with an older signature)


A collection of 7-inch covers, inserts, and record labels...

The ephemera of ephemera...