News about the re-releases of some underground garage and punk bands: The Hi-Fives, The Ne'er-Do-Wells, Thee Shatners, Judy & the Loadies and Brent's T.V.

Brent's T.V. laundromat show 1988(?)

There are some really nice people in these three photos of a Brent's T.V. laundromat show. The laundromat was on 9th street almost at I street in Arcata, California.

All three of these were used on the "Lumberjack Days" 7"  (Lookout #36)

(The 1st photo)

(detail of the 1st photo)

...and notice the guy actually doing his laundry! 

(The 2nd photo)

Alicia tripped!(detail of 2nd photo)

In hindsight, this guy doing laundry is the real star of the evening (detail of 2nd photo)

3rd photo, used on the label of the Lumberjack Days 7"