News about the re-releases of some underground garage and punk bands: The Hi-Fives, The Ne'er-Do-Wells, Thee Shatners, Judy & the Loadies and Brent's T.V.

Brent's T.V. "Live at the I Street house" is available

26 songs recorded live on April 4th 1990 in front of a few nice folks who danced and tried not to holler too much. This recording was originally made into a "demo tape" that we sold and gave away. Later on, in 1996, twelve songs from this recording were put onto the Sweet Baby/Brent's T.V. "Hello Again" split CD on Lookout Records. Now we've restored and re-mixed it from the original 8-track recordings.

You can get this digital album now on bandcamp, or pre-order it on iTunes and Google Play for release this Friday (June 16). $5.