The Ne'er-Do-Wells

The Ne'er-Do-Wells were John Denery, Christopher Imlay, Jess Hilliard and John Kiffmeyer. They were a underground garage-punk band in the early 1990's on Lookout Records.

The Ne'er-Do-Wells formed after Brent's T.V. and the Dukes of Burl split up, with John Denery and Chris Imlay joined by their good friend Jess Hilliard on the bass guitar (finally in a band together!), and the dynamic East Bay ex-patriot John (Al Sobrante) Kiffmeyer on drums/ham radio. This band was active from about 1991 to 1993. John Kiffmeyer's considerable experience in booking tours led to the first experience many of us had going on a long, national tour. It was glorious.




Hello it is I, Thee Intolerable Bastard Child Genius (7 inch vinyl, 1993)

Adding to the legacy of confusion over correct turntable speeds started by Brent's T.V., we made the decision to have this 7" run at different speeds on each side. Side 33RPM: Hello, It Is I, Thee Intolerable Bastard, Child Genius, Because, Johnny Wobble. Side 45RPM: Where's Mickey?, French Verbs, Misirlou. (fabulous cover illustration by Duane Flatmo)

Sorry, this album is not available.


Gift of Knowledge (CD, 1993)

The Ne'er-Do-Wells/Judy & the Loadies of the "Gift of Knowledge" split CD on Lookout! Records (LK #78). Tracks: Hypnotizer, You Can, Loadie Boots, Show Me How, We're Hot Lookin', The Gods Will Smile Uppon Us, Carnt Tell Ya, Beeatrice, Tallahassie Lassie, Making Up Your Mind, She'll Settle For Me, Where's Mickey, Shape Of Love,Skybolt X-66, Green Blooded Love, Shimmy Shake, Surf Beat

Originally recorded and mixed in 1990 by Chris on 1/4" 8-track reel to reel, at "The Couch," 949 I Street, Arcata, California.

Sorry, this album is not available.